Why you should consume olive oil during fasting?

Consuming olive oil on an empty stomach after fasting helps regulate blood sugar levels, prevent high blood fats, and reduce cell resistance to insulin.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those foods that the body absorbs directly, so when taken on an empty stomach, all the nutrients and benefits it provides are absorbed much better and faster and also its properties are multiplied.


Professor Mashek’s Research

Lead author of the study Professor Doug Mashek has proved have shown that Cold pressed Extra Virgin olive oil like Jaypore Olives’ is the secret ingredient that can extend life and delay age-related diseases when combined with fasting.

During his research, which has been published in Science Daily, he discovered that the fat in Extra Virgin olive oil is actually the ingredient that activates this pathway.

However, having a diet rich in premium olive oil only goes so far to improve health, according to the researchers.

For maximum benefits, it needs to be coupled with limiting caloric intake and exercising.

Mr Mashek stated: “We found that the way this fat works is it first has to get stored in microscopic things called lipid droplets, which is how our cells store fat. And then, when the fat is broken down during exercising or fasting, for example, is when the signalling and beneficial effects are realised.” Therefore, fasting or taking part in physical activity is essential to make the most of Extra Virgin olive oil’s health benefits.

Health benefits

Over the years, there have been several studies that have concluded extra virgin olive oil has numerous health benefits.

This is predominantly due to its phytonutrients, including polyphenols, which are found in olive oil in abundance. This antioxidant neutralises free radicals, helping to protect the body against harm. As a result, research has shown links between Extra Virgin olive oil and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, good digestive health, reduction in blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, lessening the severity of osteoporosis, and preventing the onset of diabetes.

So, get drizzling it on your salad, baking with it, or adding it to your vegetables today!